30 March 2018

The great egg hunt - Maternal love

Michael got pretty annoyed pretty soon of having to constantly chase after that pest. For a kid who had basically just learned how to walk, he really ran a lot, and as soon as he would have got distracted even just for a second he risked losing him. Which meant that for the rest of the afternoon he would have had to do nothing but constantly run after that baby and keep an eye on him, instead of spending a nice afternoon with his girlfriend.

Maybe his friends were right after all. Maybe he should not have entered in a relationship with a girl who already had a kid. He hated children after all, and he did not feel ready to take such a commitment. He was still so young! Why would he take on himself the responsibility of raising the mistake of a teen mom? Sure, he loved her, he really did, but he did not love her child at all. Maybe it would have been much easier and better for everyone involved if he just broke up with her instead of hoping that one day he would have just woken up with parental love.

Well, at least for the rest of the day he was stuck in that park chasing after that kid looking for eggs. The time for that kind of decision would have come later. He noticed a couple of eggs hidden under a bush. There was no way a little kid would have spotted them easily. He decided he would have taken them out from under the bush and put them in a place where the kid would have found them more easily. Plus there was the chance that one of them was the special egg that allowed whoever would have found it to meet the Easter bunny. That would have been a nice present for the kid. He moved away the branches, and realized that one of the two egg was way bigger than the other. He took it in his hand to inspect it curious, but as soon as he did so it cracked and broke into pieces. He didn’t even have time to collect himself that he felt his hand start to tingle, and as he looked at it he noticed it become dainty and slender.

What followed was sudden and fast. In a matter of seconds Michael’s hair became long and wavy, his figure thin and delicate, and his skin soft and bright. He grew breasts on his chest, and his genitals disappeared inside of his body, and then he started to age. Finally his t-shirt changed into a pink shirt and his shorts became a pair of tight white pants, while his sneakers transformed into a pair of flats.

Michel looked down at his transformed body, and was so confused and shocked that he was not able to master the strength even to scream in terror. Then he looked in front of him and saw him. That kid. That adorable little bundle of cuteness. Her kid. God he was just the most precious little thing. It was still hard for Michaela to believe that such a wonderful thing could have come out of her womb. He was just perfect.

She picked up a flower from the ground and called for her child, who stumbled on his little legs towards his mom. Being a single mother sure was hard, but moments like that made Michaela feel like it was worth all the struggle. Plus she was sure that that time she had found the right guy. Her new boyfriend was so good with kids, and they were so much in love. It had been hard to find a nice and gentle partner who could have been also a good father for her son, but she believed that he was going to be the one. Maybe he would have soon even asked her to marry him. That would have been amazing!

But for now she had a wonderful day ahead of her, spending time with her sweetheart and her beautiful kid, and her heart was simply bursting with all of her maternal love for that little creature.


  1. It's a very, very nice story n////n

    she is full of love and affection :)

    1. The love of a mother for her son is truly something unique and wonderful :)

  2. I feel like I did something to make you mad. I'm sorry. could we pleas talk on hangout?