20 March 2018

From boyfriend to mother

Ouch! The baby is raging hell today! Man, she’s going to be a total pest when she grows up if she keeps this kind of temperament. She will drive me crazy for sure.

Listen to me, I’m already talking about raising this child while just a couple of months ago or so I was still hoping I could have avoided to go into labor and bring this little life into the world. I guess I have basically gave up on the possibility of ever going back to my old body by now, and to be completely honest the prospect of giving birth is no longer that scary, and I’m actually getting kind of eager.

Kelly has definitely started to notice it, and she does not look happy about it. I guess she is still hoping that she can have her boyfriend back. I feel so sorry for her, but I can’t keep treating her differently just because we used to be romantically involved. I’m her mother now after all, and she will have to come to terms with it and deal with it sooner or later. The guy who used to be her boyfriend is long gone by now. You don’t get through almost a year of life as a woman, 8 months of which pregnant, and get to retain some traces of your male mind. By now I have basically completely embraced life as Erika, and honestly I’m loving it!

And to think how scared and unsettled I was at first. When I accidentally swapped bodies with my girlfriend’s sexy mother due to that magical ring I felt so hopeless. I didn’t want to be a woman, but I basically had no choice since the ring had mysteriously disappeared. I was stuck as Erika, and she was stuck as me, and she was just as terrified as I was, but she also was concerned about her marriage, and basically pleaded me to pretend to be her and don’t fuck her life up. I didn’t know what to do, but I felt like I had no choice, and so I just rolled with it, doing my best to pretend to be my girlfriend’s mom, and it was way harder than I would have imagined.

It was so weird to be a woman, with big breasts constantly bouncing and always getting in the way, not to mention my new pussy and the fact that I now had to pee sitting. While having the chance to look at my hot naked body in the mirror was definitely a plus, it took so long to get used to all the grooming I had to go through in the morning just so I could look passably like Erika would have done, not to mention all the chores and the stuff I had to tend to in the house. I basically had to learn how to cook from scratch, and I never would have imagined that a housewife had so much work to do every day. I was constantly so exhausted, and taking care of Kelly’s little sister was draining me of all my energies.

But the worst thing I had to deal with at first was my new husband. He’s such a passionate man, and he was constantly horny, and it was so unsettling when he would get handsy with me, and grope my ass and tits, and kiss me on the neck. I was hoping we would have figured out a way to reverse the swap before things got too far, but in the end I could not even get through a whole week before I had to do my duty as a wife. While it was definitely the most disturbing thing that had ever happened to me, when I found out how great it felt to have sex as a woman I started to enjoy my new life a lot more. Soon enough I started to act more naturally as a woman, and my feelings towards my new family started to change. Suddenly I was seeing my girlfriend more as my daughter, and I started to feel maternal affection towards my other child as well, which definitely helped me tolerate her more. But most importantly of all I fell in love with my husband. I slowly but surely embraced my role in the house, and didn’t think about going back to my body as often. It just felt all so natural. But what really made me give up on my old life was my pregnancy.

I was so thrilled after discovering sex as a woman, and so eager to do more of it, that I simply forgot to consider protection and did not take the pill. It didn’t take long before I got pregnant, and when I found out that I was expecting a little girl I was so happy that all of my fears completely disappeared. Now I just hope I can be a good mom for this little creature, especially considering I did not grow up as a woman. But I’m sure my love will be more than enough to be a great mom for her.

Kelly just has to accept it. Her boyfriend is gone, and now she has a new mom. I still love her of course. Only in a completely different way.


  1. A really lovely cap. I like the imagination to be my girlfriends mother. That upsets every relationship ;-) Godd work, please more like this ;-)

    1. Thank you for the kind words ^-^ Maybe I will come up with more stories like this :)

  2. Thanks Rachel :)