15 March 2018

Newfound powers

Originally requested by Reno3812 :)
Mary’s marriage wasn’t happy. Even though her husband Mike never abused her, he always mistreated her, constantly ignoring her or treating her more like a servant than like a beloved wife. There was no doubt he was also cheating on her. All those “meetings” he claimed were forcing him to stay at his office till late at night, all those “business trips” that often kept him away from home for days. It was obvious that he had an affair. But she was too meek, too weak to say something, and she just endured what was turning into a nightmare for her. Until that day came.
She was just washing the dishes, knowing that Mike was probably shagging his secretary in that moment. She was sad, and frustrated, and the damned neighbors’ dog just wouldn’t quit barking annoyingly. Her irritability soon enough reached its peak and as she threw down angrily the glass she was washing she thought to herself “Just shut up!”. And just like that no more barks were heard. She felt relieved, but she soon heard her neighbors desperately looking for their dog, which seemed to have just disappeared into thin air. She found that strange, but she just shrugged it off and went back to the sink, where she found the glass she was holding broken. “Perfect! Just what I needed” she thought, but as soon as she started to pick up the shards the glass magically re-formed intact in front of her eyes.
Soon she realized that while she was in an angry mood, everything she wished for would magically come true. In a short amount of time she learned to control it, and started to take revenge on everyone who did her wrong in the past. That pesky son of hers was a lot more tolerable now that she changed him into the sweet daughter she always wished for, and she wouldn’t have got any more complaints from the annoying old hag next door now that she turned her into a cat. She made sure to rearrange everyone’s memories whenever she casted a spell, so that no one could suspect a thing. But the biggest fish was already to be dealt with. She would have thoroughly enjoyed getting her revenge on her husband.
He left early in the morning to get to the airport. He told her that he would have spent the week on a business trip in Montana, but she was well aware that he was actually going to London for a romantic rendezvous with that slut. He would have never found her there of course, now that she had turned her into their new pet bird. As soon as he would have arrived there she would have started to mess with him.

Mike was infuriated. He couldn’t trust that bitch even with the easiest of tasks. She was supposed to check in at the hotel an hour before he arrived there. And yet she was nowhere to be found. He waited for her for hours, but she didn’t show up, nor did she contact him, or was he able to contact her in any way. Frustrated and enraged he just went for a walk. There was no way he would have just waited for her the whole day. If she didn’t show up he just would have searched for a whore later in the night. Suddenly he felt a jolt to the back of his head, and a tingling sensation went through his body.
He looked at his hand and he saw it shrinking in front of his eyes, becoming dainty, soft and feminine and with manicured nails. Before he could react to that sight he felt a pressure on his chest, and looking down he saw it inflate, pushing outwards and stretching his shirt. As he reached with his hands to that mound of flesh he felt how soft it was, and squeezing it sent a shiver down his spine. The changes were rapidly affecting all of his body. His hips swelled, filling up his pants. His hair grew and became blonde. His lips inflated, acquiring a plastic look.
Confused and scared he didn’t know what to do. He tried to reach for his cell phone in his pocket, but he realized that his pants had merged into a skirt which was shortening, crawling its way up, revealing his now smooth and toned legs. The phone, as well as all his effects, had just vanished into thin air. Desperate and completely possessed by panic he spotted a phone booth. Thank god they hadn’t removed those things, he could have called someone for some help. He rushed towards it, stumbling on his shoes which were changing into high heels. His shirt had now changed too, merging with the skirt into a red mini dress, which showed off his huge rack. His tits were keeping inflating into massive, silicon enhanced breasts, which really gave him a slutty look. Finally white fur started to appear on his jacket, which was changing into a fur coat.
He finally reached the phone booth, only to realize that now that all of his stuff had disappeared he didn’t have any money with which to make a call. Not that he had any idea of who could have helped him now that he was in that situation. He caught a glimpse of his reflection in a shop window. He had somehow transformed into a woman. Not only a woman, but a bimbo, with blonde hair, fake tits and lips and a revealing outfit. How was that possible? What was going on?
He rushed towards a guy passing by, hoping he could find some help. But as soon as he got his attention he found himself unable to say what he wanted to say. Instead he just told him with a slutty, provocative tone <<Hey pretty boy! Can you help me? I’m not from here and I am kinda lost, I need someone to show me around. Would you like to be my guide?>>. As soon as he finished the sentence he immediately tried to correct himself, but instead all that he could say was <<Come on, don’t be shy. I will be very grateful and thank you in a special way if you help me.>>
The guy was confused. She was probably just a hooker, but she was really hot indeed. It would be a shame to miss on that opportunity.
<<Sure. I will help you. I know just the place where we can talk about your… predicament.>>
<<Thank you handsome. I’m very glad I found you.>>
Unable to control what he was doing Mike was just screaming inside of his head, like he was a prisoner of that new body. Despite how much he tried to fight there was no use. For now he was just in for the ride.

Mary smiled pleased. She had pulled quite the prank on that pig of his husband. Perhaps he would not have been so fond of sluts after he had been one for while. The rest of his trip would have worked just fine as the duration for his punishment. And she had much more in store for him when he would have got back home. Now the tables were flipped, and thanks to her newfound powers nothing would have stood between her and her Revenge.


  1. Is this going to be a series?

    1. Not really, I never thought about it actually. But I will consider expanding on this :)