31 March 2018

Special Party

Requested by Marti :*
Marti was happily decorating the house, setting everything nicely up for the special Easter party for his beloved nephew. He loved to set up surprises for him, and he was sure he would have loved what he had in store that time.

After having finished decorating the house and preparing the sweets, he went to his room to take out the Easter bunny costume he had ordered online and that had arrived that morning. However when he opened the box he found out to his disappointment that something had gone wrong with his order. That was not the bunny costume he wanted. It was some kind of… sexy bunny outfit, like something out of a Playboy magazine or something like that. That was a huge problem, the worst thing that could have happened on that day. Of course there was no way he could have worn something like that for the party, even though his nephew would surely have been pretty amused by it. Maybe he could have at least found a good use for the ears. He took them out of the box and decided to put them on for fun and giggles, but as soon as he put them in place he felt something brush against his neck and shoulders. He reached with his hands for whatever it was, and to his surprise he discovered that he his hair had somehow grown past his shoulder to the middle of his back. Shocked and distressed he rushed towards a mirror, and remained speechless when he saw that somehow his face had changed, turning into a pretty, delicate, and feminine visage encircled by luscious long hair.

Confused at scared he found himself suddenly irresistibly drawn towards the box with the costume. He took the body and the stockings out shaking, and as strange and disturbing as it was, he felt for some reason compelled to put them on. He good undressed, sat on the bed, and started putting on the stockings, and as he slipped into them he saw them become airless, toned, and slender. If felt so good to feel the fabric wrap tight around his legs and envelop them tight, and he was amazed at how sexy they looked. He knew he should have topped there, but the urge to put on the body as well was just too strong, and so he got rid of his underwear and started to put it on.

As it crawled up his body his figure kept transforming. His hips became wide and sexy, his butt round and firm, and his waist turned narrow, giving him a nice hourglass figure. His dick was squeezed and pushed inside of his groin, leaving behind a flat crotch and a strange alien void between his legs. As he put on the straps his shoulders and arms lost all muscles and he became frail and petite. Finally two nice and round breasts developed on his chest, filling the cups of the body perfectly.
Completely transformed and now freed from the costume spell, he rushed to a mirror trying his best not to stumble on the heels he felt compelled to put on, and when he saw his new reflection he remained shocked and speechless, and any cry of distress died in his throat. He was stunning, so incredibly sexy and enticing in his bunny outfit, and his new curves were just breathtaking. He was intrigued by his new image as much as he was unsettled by it, but he did not have much time to collect himself and try to figure out what had happened to him, since he suddenly heard someone opening the door of his apartment.

Scared he could have been his nephew, and that his family would have found him transformed and dressed like that, he rushed to a hiding place. He was kind of relieved to see that it was actually his roommate, even though that really did not make the situation any less awkward for him. He was watching his friend from his hiding place taking off his shirt and leaving it on the ground. He always left his dirty clothes laying around, it was so infuriating for Marti. However that time he surprised himself looking at him in a different light. He was so muscular, and… hot! Marti was surprised by those strange new thoughts and tried to drive them out of his head, but he started to feel strange. His body was telling him that he was attracted to him, and that he wanted him. He was starting to get aroused.

Unable to resist he came out of his hiding place, and confronted his roommate upfront. He was of course confused by the presence of a sexy woman in a bunny outfit in the middle of his apartment, but as soon as she started to dance sexily and enticingly in front of him he definitely did not want to question any of that, and when she threw herself over him and started to kiss him passionately he did not put up any kind of resistance. It didn’t take long before they ended up in his bedroom and made passionate love to each other, and even though some part of Marti’s mind was still convinced that what was happening was wrong and disturbing, by that point he had completely gave in to his new instincts and embraced his new condition. And it was all so amazing!
They ignored Marti’s family knocking at the door until they went away figuring out that nobody was home. Marti felt bad about it, and decided he would have definitely done his best to figure out a way to make up for that. After he would have found a way to tell his family that he was now a woman that is, and that from that day on he intended to live as his roommate’s girlfriend.


  1. Fantastic! You once again made me smile :) Now, where I can get a bunny suit like this. Hmm...

    1. Happy you liked it :) If you manage to find the right kind of shop let me know :P

  2. I think it's a beautiful story n////n

    also his relationship with his roommate. I take a very loving course

    I think they will be happy as a couple :)