18 March 2018

Crazy night

I realized a bit late that yesterday was St. Patrik day :P I hope you'll like this cap i kinda put together on the last minute XD
Josh woke up in the morning of the 18th of March with one of the worst hangover he could remember. While it wasn’t anything that new for him to get drunk on Saint Patrick Day, that time there was definitely something very strange going on. First of all he was laying in the bed of a hotel room he did not recognize together with his friends. Secondly he could taste something funny on his tongue, and he had some kind of dry sticky substance around his mouth, and he felt sore between his legs. What the hell had happened?! Around him there wasn’t anything that could give him hints about what they had done the previous night, just the leprechaun outfits they were wearing and some kind of strange green necklaces he did not recognize. When his friends woke up as well they started arguing with each other trying to figure out what had happened to them, and they even ended up believing they got so drunk that they ended up having sex with each other. That of course did not actually happen, but they may have hated to know the truth just as much.

The previous night they had drunk their asses off as they usually did on St. Patrick Day. They did not care at all for the religious holyday, or to celebrate Irish culture either. For them it was nothing more than an excuse like any other to get drunk and hit on chicks. And that kind of attitude pissed off two Irishmen who were of course outraged at all those jackasses disrespecting their heritage, especially with those ridiculous outfits. They decided they would have made them pay, and they had a plan on how to do it. As soon as they overhead them complaining about their inability to score with chicks, they approached them and told them about a private party they were having where they sure would have found what they were looking for. None of them thought there was anything fishy about it, they simply thought they were telling them about the party out of a pure sense of brotherhood, and when they gave them a bunch of green necklaces that apparently were necessary to be admitted to the party, they of course did not hesitate and put them on immediately. They could not possibly have imagined that those necklaces were enchanted, and that once they would have put them on they would have transformed into the true life of the party.

Less than an hour later the four guys had transformed into gorgeous girls, and their minds were completely blurred by all the booze and the magic as well, so much so that they soon became nothing more than horny bimbos craving for sex. And the two Irishmen were more than happy to please them and satisfy them. Their night soon turned into a warped sexual dream, where the new girls gave in to their instincts and new cravings, a night they had no memory of whatsoever when they woke up the next morning in their original male bodies with the worst hangover of their lives.

One thing was for sure, they would have never drunk that much in their life again, though from that day on they would have felt really awkward near each other.

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