14 March 2018

Trouble in Tokyo

Today I host a caption from a user for whom I already made a couple of requests in the past and who offered me one of his works to post ^-^ Check out her tumblr :)

Jake has found himself very much into trouble with the Yakuza. His pachinko addiction has got himself deep into debt, ultimately owing too much to the Yakuza’s mob boss can tolerate. He was stripped to his boxers and restrained in a steel chair with leather straps, almost like he was going to be executed by lethal injection. This, however, will be worse than the ending of Jake’s life.

The mob bass walked in with his bodyguards, one caring a syringe filled with a light pink chemical. “Wait, wait! I can give you the money, just give me more time” Jake panicked.
“It has been long enough. Besides, I found a way for you to repay me. I’m in need for a new assassin who can handle more… personal matters. Give him the injection!” He gave the orders and stood aside for the show.

The guard stuck the needle in Jake’s arm, releasing the strange fluid into his bloodstream. His skin smoothed out and his hair grew down to his shoulders. His face and body became more feminine. His lips plumped, his hips widened, his height shortened, his hands and feet becoming more delicate.

Then, the major changes took shape. His manhood sucked up into his body, forming a tight, wet pussy. He was now a her. The muscles and fat in his body shifted throughout her body, causing his ass to expand. Her tits ballooned out to massive JJ cups. The chemicals entered her mind, removing any and all memories of Jake. He now became Jasmine, the mob boss’s new assassin and personal titty slut.

Jasmine quickly climbed the ranks of the Yakuza, given her talents in the field, and in bed. She was the most efficient at infiltration; flirting her way to her target and giving him the greatest sex of his life before slitting his throat. She was just as good at the other half of the job. Jasmine loved having her boss fuck her tight pussy while drowning his face with her massive mammeries. 

Jake may have found himself trapped in his worst nightmare, but Jasmine was living in her wildest dreams.

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