14 March 2018

New Open TG Captions

As I recently stated, I got some quite interesting news :)

Me and Yasmina have decided do try to fill the void left behind by the original Open TG Captions site, the place where many talented captioners took their first steps into the community.

Therefore we created a blog that could capture the same spirit of the OG site, in the hope of offering to aspiring captioners, as well as to old captioners that were left without a haven when the site crashed, a place where they can post their works and hopefully get visibility, feedback, and support from this awesome community.

We do realize it is not much, and that it is in no way comparable to what we lost, but we made it with all our heart, and hopefully this may turn out to be the beginning of something beautiful ^-^

So don't hesitate and check out the new Open TG Captions!


  1. Kimkat here,
    great idea! I might set up an account to post there.

    1. That's exactly the thing I wanted to talk to you about :) We would be so happy to have you join us ^-^
      Unfortunately since it is still a blog you will need a gmail account. I hope it will not be a problem to create one with fake info :/