23 March 2018

Naughty twins

Requested by latina ^-^ Enjoy!
Dominik and Sebastian had been best friends since basically forever. They did everything together, and when they went to the club to hit on girls they would assist each other and do their best so both of them would have scored. It was a good thing that they would almost never aim for the same girl, so they almost never argued with each other over who would have taken her home. But there were exceptions, and Mary was one of those exceptions. She was simply gorgeous, with her luscious red hair, and her perfect skin, and her breathtaking curves. Every man could not help but instantly fall for her, and so did Dom and Sebastian.

Unfortunately for them without helping each other they simply were not very good at hitting on girls, and since they were competing for the same one they also had to fight each other while bothering the poor Mary. She started to be fed up with their clumsy attempts at picking her up pretty soon, but they would just not get the hint, and so in the end she snapped at them and decided to teach them a lesson. She had promised herself she would not have abused her magical powers, but those guys definitely needed a punishment. And since they simply could not decide who would have got her, she decided to make them both happy. She casted the curse, and in a matter of seconds the two guys saw their hair grow and become luscious and red, their skin become soft and hairless and perfect, and their chest and hips swell as they acquired new breathtaking curves. Now that they had both been transformed into exact copies of Mary, they no longer had to argue over who was more worthy of her.

Along with their bodies, the two guys found their reality changed as well, as they soon discovered that they were now twin sisters. It took a while for them to get used to their new lives, but after having given up on the hope of ever finding Mary again so she would have returned them back to normal, they decided to help each other to their best and try to get through their predicament together. The bond they had as friends soon became stronger than ever now that they were sisters, and as they helped each other adjusting to their new bodies they grew more attached than they had ever been. Maybe even too attached.

While their bodies had been transformed, the curse had left their minds basically unaltered, and so there really wasn’t anything preventing them from finding their new forms incredibly hot and attractive, and the fact that they were now twin sisters did not stop them from experimenting with each other. On the contrary, they helped each other discovering how amazing their new bodies felt, and soon their friendship developed into an incestuous romance. For the most part they manage to keep it secret, but there are times, when they get dressed all sexy and enticing to hang out at the club, when they just can’t help it and have to rush to a bathroom to have some sexy time together. By now they have decided that even if they will by chance end up meeting Mary again, they are not going to ask her to give them back their bodies. Their new ones are just much more fun to play with, and they won’t have to argue over women ever again as long as they will have each other.


  1. Wow, this is so hot :-) Beautiful Story, thank you Rachel. I wish something like this would happen to me in real life ;-)

    1. I had a blast writing this one ^-^ Happy you liked it :)