15 March 2018

Not the man of the house anymore

An Anonymous request :) Enjoy!
I lower my head in shame. Sharon can’t even stand to look at me, and I can’t even look at her in the eyes for more than a second for how mortified I still feel. It has been weeks already, but she’s just as mad at me as she was the first day, and I would like to disappear just as much.

I look down at my slender and toned legs wrapped in stockings, and feel the fresh breeze coming from the window blowing under my dress and over my tights. I can’t believe I have let Christy doll me up like this today. I even let her do my hair, and she went for these ridiculous pigtails. I feel so girly, it is humiliating! It is so amusing for her to treat me just like a girl. At least she’s the only member of the family that’s comfortable around me and that doesn’t hate me. On the contrary, she thinks it is fun that her dad has swapped bodies with her best friend. Granted, I lost any authority I have ever had on her as a man, but at least I’m glad that there is still affection between us two. I’d even say that we are creating a bond stronger than what I could have ever hoped to achieve. I’m just thankful I have someone to guide me through my transition during these hard times.

My wife on the other hand is never going to forgive me for what I’ve done, and rightfully so. I mean, it’s not like I was doing anything that bad, but I understand why she would be so mad. Finding out that your husband has a thing for your daughter’s best friend is bad enough, a 50 year old man should not have anything to do with girls that young, even in fantasies. But for him to swap bodies with said girl due to some mysterious event is really too much for anyone to process. Damned F.O.S.E.! It ruined my life! Sure, maybe what I was doing was wrong, but I wasn’t hurting anyone! While now not only I’m stuck as a young girl, but I also have to deal with the sense of guilt I feel for having basically robbed this girl of her life and future as well as of her body.

Oh great, Kyle is at home too. I better rush to my room and lock myself inside until it’s dinner time. I want to avoid being around him as much as possible. I said that Christy was the only member of the family not hating me, but unfortunately Kyle seems way too happy about my predicament lately. He was so clumsy and unease around me at first, and I could totally have understood that, it was quite an awkward situation after all. But soon I found out that he was acting like that not because his father had turned into a girl his age, but because he actually had a crush on her.  I can’t believe I have caught him spying on me under the shower, and taking pics of me while I was getting changed. I didn’t raise my son to be a pervert! Moreover even if I am stuck in this body I’m still his dad! This is just wrong!

My life has turned into a living hell. I don’t know what to do. It seems there is no way for the victims of the event to return to their original bodies, but there’s no way I can actually accept my new condition and live my life as a young girl. But it is painfully clear by now that I’m not the man of the house anymore. I’m not even a man at all now! I guess I will have to just deal with this somehow. But honestly I can’t wait to move out of this house! It can’t go on like this!