18 March 2018

Secret police

Requested by Ilvernia :)
<<Wake up sleepyhead! You are going to make us both run late for our shift!>>
“W… what? Where am I? Fuck, I feel so groggy. My head is pounding so hard. W… what’s this? TITS?! I GOT TITS! What’s going on?!
Oh… Ooooh! Yes, it’s all coming back to me now. What a night. No wonder I feel so tired. I barely had any sleep. How can Rio be so energetic? I guess I should have a shower to freshen up and then hurry up and get changed. When did I even put on these bra and panties, not to mention my now oversized old shirt? Memories of last night are still so blurry. I would just like to stay at home and ponder on what’s going to be of my new life. But I guess I have work to do now.”
<<Come on, hurry up! You don’t want to be late on the first day of your new job!>>
“She makes it sound all so easy. She’s fast to talk, she’s not the one who got transformed and got her life fucked up forever.

It was nice of her to let me borrow her clothes. Good thing we have almost the same physique. I can’t believe how petite and fragile I am now. And most of all how gorgeous I am. Man, just yesterday I would have gone crazy for a girl that looked like this. But now I’m a girl, and that’s what I’m going to be for the rest of my life.

That’s what I deserve I guess. I was a criminal after all, at least according to whatever fucked up standards this task force has, and I’ve been rightfully punished accordingly. Now I can’t represent any threat whatsoever to girls. No longer will I trick girls into dates only to then not being able to satisfy them sexually due to my small penis. I don’t even have a penis anymore.

I’ve been conscious about my small manhood for all my life, and knew painfully well I could not satisfy any girl with it. That’s probably why I have always been into Asian chicks, I thought they had lower standards, and so I jumped on the chance to go to Japan as an exchange student right away. Apparently not even they thought I was enough of a man for them, but never would I have thought I would have been punished for that.
You can easily imagine how confused and weirded out I was when after a date with Rio I was taken to her apartment, and after I got naked to have some sexy time, instead of being mocked about my dick as usual, she started to take pictures of it. She said that she was collecting evidence, and I was so confused and pissed off at her behavior that I immediately tried to get out of the apartment, but as soon as I turned my back on her I felt something piercing my neck and I passed out.

When I woke up I was handcuffed to the bed, and I was naked. But not only that, I was changed! My whole body felt strange, and when I looked down I realized that I had small tits on my chest, and that my penis was gone. I started to freak out, but then Rio came into the room and explained to me what had happened. She revealed to me that she was an undercover agent for a secret police force that protects women’s right to orgasm, and that she had received complains about me and therefore I was going to be punished for my behavior. The punishment usually consisted in changing the criminal into a girl so they could not represent any threat to women anymore, and she showed me the documents for my new identity as a Japanese girl named Kasumi. But she also confessed me that she liked my new cute body so much that she could not help but instantly fall in love with me, and that she planned to make me her girlfriend.

That said he took out from a bag a weird jar and a strap-on, and as she slipped it on she gave me a naughty and malicious look. I immediately knew what she had in mind, and I tried to fight back however I could, but tied up as I was and with my new weak body there was not much I could do to resist her. She got me to spread my legs, and started teasing my new pussy with the tip of the fake cock. She said that she was sorry and that since I had just got changed my pussy was still very tight and that my first time was going to hurt at first. She wasn’t lying. It felt like I was getting ripped in half as that thick shaft started to dig its way inside of my wet pussy, and all I could do was to let out high pitched cries of pain mixed to ones of pleasure, a pleasure that I could not ignore, no matter how hard I tried. Soon the strap-on started to go in and out of my new genitals smoothly, and Rio started to pound me harder and faster. It was incredible to feel the pain turn into pleasure, my new tight vag clasped around every vein and curve of the fake cock like it was trying to milk it, and I realized that I was slowly but surely losing control.

As I reached my first climax, I came to the realization that something important had just been lost, and I couldn’t help but think that I would soon have lost myself to the pleasure as well. As Rio noticed a spark of defiance in my eyes she commanded me to give up any idea of being a man. That the change was permanent, and that my only future would have been to her side as her loving girlfriend. She then removed my handcuffs, and turned me around into a doggy position, making me face the wardrobe mirror. She started to fuck me roughly from behind, forcing me to look at my reflection, and at the jar that was laying on the floor just before me, asking me what I saw inside of it. I looked at it transfixed, and I recognized a familiar set of cock and balls. My cock and balls. The proof of my destroyed manhood was right there in front of me, and so was the image of me as a cute Asian chick getting mercilessly fucked from behind with a strap on. The combination of those two factors utterly broke me, and soon I started to moan and cry like crazy, until I reached climax a second time and felt any trace of masculinity leave me. In that moment in knew that I had just become Kasumi forever."
I’m glad Rio didn’t decide to simply abandon me to my new life, like the protocol required. I’m lucky I have such a loving and caring girlfriend, who not only gave me new clothes and a place to live in, but also a new job. She talked to her superiors, and arranged for me to become part of the secret police force. This is my first day of work, and I must do my best to make a good impression. If I succeed in completing my training and get my badge, I and Rio will become partners both in work and in life. It all still feels so strange, but I have to admit I kind of like this perspective. As a guy I was not worth much, but as a badass undercover female agent I think I may find my true call. And under my watch no guy will leave a girl sexually unfulfilled and get away with it.


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